I started traveling around Europe at the start of January. I worked in an awful job and had lived in the same city (Glasgow) for 6 years, after leaving my childhood home in Kent to study. Fate took a turn and I had no obligations left in Glasgow, so I quit my job and came wandering. Looking for new inspiration, new places to make my artwork, (which will remain unattached and uninvolved with anything in this blog) and new cups of tea.

I rather strangely opted for Scandinavia in the dead of winter for my first leg, but I wasn’t disappointed.  My aim was to record my days and the sights and sounds, as well as a tea for each day of my travel.

I am obsessed with tea and dream of one day opening my own tea shop, which will be, I am positive, the most wonderful, unique and perfect tea shop the world has ever seen.  Tea is an art, a passion and just simply a wonderful thing.  People will often dismiss certain teas as tasteless, or just tasting like hot water.  Well, maybe for some this is initially true.  This, though, is what makes it wonderful.  You must concentrate, contemplate and meditate over certain teas, you must focus, clear you mind as well as your taste buds and let your inner peace do the work.

For the last couple of months my travels have slowed somewhat.  To start with I was eager to see new places, to meet new people and to experience as many new things as possible.  But I have realised that, over more time, the slower I can take things.  There really is no rush, and sometimes you do just need to sit still and concentrate, just like with a good cup of tea.

I don’t tend to rate my photos very highly, and all the ones on the blog are shrunk to not very great quality, but if you are interested in using any for any reason then just get in touch and I might be able to sort you out a version in a higher resolution.

I’ve just started up a little Facebook page, where I would like to invite everyone and anyone to join and share in your love of tea!  Do you run a tea blog?  Do you have questions about tea?  Then LIKE my page and come join the fun!!


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One Comment on “About”

  1. teabuddy says:

    Lovely to meet you! Thanks for popping by my blog. Cheers to you! Shona

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