Day 4, Denmark, January 13th 2012

Tea 4: Yunnan Green Oolong, Tom’s Apartment.

After waking up at around 9:30am I decided to take myself out into the city and do some classic touristy photog-ing whilst Tom slept off his hangover from his mates leaving-do the night before.  The sun was shining and the air was chilly and the city felt calm and relaxed.  Walking around on my own was a nice experience, being in the mode of the tourist as well.  I usually hate ‘feeling’ like a tourist, and although I still felt a little self-conscious it was nice to not be so bothered.  I wandered around by the train station, the currently closed Tivoli amusement park, and through the small sculpture garden of Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek with it’s steadily greening Auguste Rodin‘s The Thinker, watching a few German tourists doing the posing in front of it.  Then back towards the flat via ‘Tiger’, an ikea type small store with everything from headphones to Yahtzee sets, I stocked up on Chocolate, Crisps/Chips, and, of course, TEA!  (Power Te, no doubt a photo feature soon)

Last night I stayed in whilst Tom was out on the town spending a small fortune! Almost ended up going to a club called Drone with Tom’s flat-mate Inga, and if I had of found Tom’s key to his bike I would have gone, but alas, after too long spent searching there was no luck, so I sat and twiddled my thumbs before heading to sleep.  Inga has invited me to some Cabaret event in Christiania on Saturday night, so hopefully I will make it to that and see some interesting things.

Tea was another helping of my Yunnan Green Oolong, this time I treated myself to a pot and fancy cup, managed to make a nice delicate mix.  Looking forward to the Power Tea, though imagine it will be for mornings only due to the Guarana and Gingko Biloba…..


Day 3, Denmark, 12th January 2012

Tea 3: Green Darjeeling, Cafe in Christiania.

Today, the first rainy morning, my first stop was in Christiania, Denmark‘s infamous ‘free town’ within Copenhagen’s city limits.  It has caused a lot of controversy and debate during it’s history. The land it sits on, as well as most of its buildings acted as an army barracks until that was closed and Christiania as it is today ‘opened’ in 1971 when residents and hippies of the surrounding area, Christianshavn, began to take over the buildings. Famed for the hippy lifestyle it aimed to develop, the cannabis it sells openly on Pusherstreet, and the various riots, political issues and suchlike during its history the area now seems to be a curious mix of families trying to bring up their families in a supportive, open and friendly communal environment and the seedier side of the cannabis stalls and the gangs that now seem to be running that side of life in Christiania.

The rain had disappeared by the end of my cup of tea and visit to Christiania, but had been replaced by bitingly cold winds.  I walked back through the town, taking in a few sights through my cold streaming eyes and ended up back at Tom’s pub, The Olde English.  Played a good session of darts and came out on top.  He is now on a night out for a friends leaving do, I will try to join up later if I figure out whether I can afford it.

Tea in Christiania was a Green Darjeeling variety, nice and refreshing and warmed the hands whilst sitting in the cafe surrounded by veg, salad and falafel.  Slightly heavy on the tannins by the end of the cup.