Day 6, Denmark, January 15th 2012

Tea 6: Chai Tea, Props cafe, Blågårds Plads.

Sorry for the terrible photograph of the tea, it looked much better on the camera screen for some reason.  Anyway, I guess a wee bit of last night before we go into today’s activities…

The Cuckoo’s Nest Cabaret at Byens Lys, Christiania.  What an amazing night!  We arrived a little late and missed a couple of acts, and just about managed to get in as the venue had been closed because it was so full, but gladly Inga’s skills got us in the door.  The pictures are from my phone so aren’t great but the first shows the MC at work, like a russian burlesque circus master she was brilliantly funny and an excellent performer, introducing all the acts perfectly.  There was everything from a fantastic brother and sister couple doing impossible things 15ft above the ground with only a pole for support to a fantastically risqué burlesque striptease and the amazing fire hooping tricks (second picture).  It was a brilliant night and really felt like I had seen something and been in something properly ‘Christianian’ and it was great to meet some of Inga’s friends who were all warm and friendly and seemed like great people.  As well as that I managed to meet ‘The Creature’, a performing arts piece that Inga has had past involvement in, its writhing and pulsing, screeching and moaning was mesmerizing and the experience was something I didn’t expect but very much enjoyed.  The event was held in Christiania’s Byens Lys, an old cinema venue with sand all over the floor and smoke in the air.  A brilliant space with a great atmosphere, after a short dance we headed home at around 2a.m. in the cold night air.

Today I headed to the Carlsberg Elephant Gate (Elefantporten), the main gate that sort of leads to the factory, though it seems to just split it in two really.  The Elephants stand as supports for an old building overpass.  They are basically life size and very impressive.  After managing to find my way there, almost got lost once but figured it out in the end, I headed into Søndermarken, a park with lots of trees and an art gallery, the gallery is closed in January, but it was nice to have a wander through the park.  I then desperately needed some food and to empty my bladder so I headed back into the city centre and grabbed a bite to eat, and after spending some time chilling out and warming myself back up I met up with an old friend from Glasgow, Ane, who took me for a short walk then for tea in a little cafe called Props, in the Nørrebro district of the city.  I had a chai tea and she had a coffee, after a little bit of surprising misunderstanding when two Danes attempted to speak Danish to one another, then resorted back to English!!!  The tea was warm and spicy, served in a glass and perfect for thawing my frozen fingers.

On the way home I stopped off for some Falafel in a pitta bread from Beyti, a good quality Kebab house just on Nørrebrogade.

Tomorrow I head for Stockholm!

A link to some really great photos from the Cabaret, not taken by me….


Day 5, Denmark, January 14th 2012

Tea 5: Sencha Currant, Laura’s Bakery, Torvehallerne KBH.

Today started fairly late, it is a Saturday after all. I headed for the ‘The Lakes‘, three, shallow man-made lakes to the West / North West of the City Centre. The sun was shining and the sky was clear, but probably the coldest day so far, should have put the old Long-Johns on, but carried on nevertheless. I wandered along the western edge of the two northernmost ‘lakes’, amongst joggers and dog walkers, sat on a bench for a while and made a few notes, watched Helicopters hovering in the sky whilst swans cruised along the waters of the man-made ‘Peblinge Sø’ and thought about the strange irony that represented.  I carried on sauntering up the lakes and then back around and down past the Botanic gardens, on the quest back to find the promising looking glass encased food market I had passed on my way to the lakes.  Inside I found myself reheated, and my eyes filled with wondrous treats, cakes, fresh fish, teas, chocolates.  The smells and sights set my stomach rumbling in an instant.  I wandered through one glass building and then the next and ‘selected’, I use this word loosely as the money in my pocket did most of the deciding for me, Laura’s bakery, the breads and cakes gleaming from behind their glass case.  Of course I had to free one, and a tea, obviously.

The tea was warm, slightly fruity and reviving. Sencha Currant, delicate and golden (though my fault for leaving the tea bag in a little too long), with just enough fruity sweetness.  The chocolate croissant was, probably the best croissant I’ve eaten, possibly ever, definitely for a long long long time went down much faster than it should have, but it was just perfect, in the cold air, the sun shining down, wonderful.

Tonight I plan to visit Christiania again, Inga has invited me to see some Cabaret type performances in an old cinema there, so hopefully that will work out and be good.

Day 3, Denmark, 12th January 2012

Tea 3: Green Darjeeling, Cafe in Christiania.

Today, the first rainy morning, my first stop was in Christiania, Denmark‘s infamous ‘free town’ within Copenhagen’s city limits.  It has caused a lot of controversy and debate during it’s history. The land it sits on, as well as most of its buildings acted as an army barracks until that was closed and Christiania as it is today ‘opened’ in 1971 when residents and hippies of the surrounding area, Christianshavn, began to take over the buildings. Famed for the hippy lifestyle it aimed to develop, the cannabis it sells openly on Pusherstreet, and the various riots, political issues and suchlike during its history the area now seems to be a curious mix of families trying to bring up their families in a supportive, open and friendly communal environment and the seedier side of the cannabis stalls and the gangs that now seem to be running that side of life in Christiania.

The rain had disappeared by the end of my cup of tea and visit to Christiania, but had been replaced by bitingly cold winds.  I walked back through the town, taking in a few sights through my cold streaming eyes and ended up back at Tom’s pub, The Olde English.  Played a good session of darts and came out on top.  He is now on a night out for a friends leaving do, I will try to join up later if I figure out whether I can afford it.

Tea in Christiania was a Green Darjeeling variety, nice and refreshing and warmed the hands whilst sitting in the cafe surrounded by veg, salad and falafel.  Slightly heavy on the tannins by the end of the cup.