Day 73, Warsaw, March 22nd 2012

Tea 73: Darjeeling “Puttabong” Green Tea, Ganders Tea House, Warsaw.

A proper tea day today!  Hoorah!  Finally, not only have I been neglecting my updating, but also my decent tea related blogging!

First things first though.  Shoes.  The trainers I brought with me on this trip are now completely busted, so it was high time for a new pair!  Especially as it’s no longer the weather for by huge walking boots.  So the majority of todays daylight hours was dedicated to finding a new pair of trainers.  This, eventually, resulted in the purchase of some nice high top Puma ‘First Round trainers in the home away from home store that is TK Maxx.  Anyway, enough about shoes already.

After that long, long search I met up with Marta after her work and we decided to head to the other side of the river to Saska Kępa district and back to Herbaciania Gander, or Gander’s Tea House.  This was the place I visited a couple of weeks ago and had the amazing Armenian layer cake.  This time I decided upon an interesting sounding Darjeeling variety of Green Tea, called Puttabong.  This was rich and very green in taste, quite heavy on the tannins but it didn’t suffer from that.  It was very good, served in a nice parcelain teapot and filter, and poured out in a delightful golden greenish colour.  Marta decided upon a flower tea, I have forgotten it’s name.  It was good though, very delicate and not too floral in taste as they sometimes can be.  I still think that too often these things become too much about the visual and not enough about the tea though, but this was of a good quality, as I have already come to expect of the tea from Gander’s.  We sat there for a couple of hours, enjoying the tea and I had also ordered another layer cake, this time a ginger and cinnamon one.  It was good, very light and not too sweet.  Loads of cream too, but again, not heavy at all.

After that we went for a walk around Saska Kępa, and then walked across the river, a long busy bridge, buses and cars flying past as we took some photos.  The great cityscape shining out, the new Euro 2012 football stadium lit up and shining brightly.  Making it to the other side we took a bus then got back on the Metro and home.  My legs were tired and heavy from the days walking, but the tea had revived me and my spirit was feeling good again!  I love TEA!!!! 😀

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