Day 56, Warsaw – Krakow, March 5th 2012

Today marks my 56 day, and the official turning over of my second month of travel!  CRAZY!!!  It went slow to begin with, but the speed at which I’ve hit two months is mad!  Anyway, my anniversary was marked with a long 5 hour journey to Krakow from Warsaw, so there is, alas, no photography for today, and also my first day without having a tea photograph!  This makes me very sad, maybe sadder than it does for all you guys, but I do hope you will forgive me!  For compensation here are a few more photos of my time in Radom…

3 Comments on “Day 56, Warsaw – Krakow, March 5th 2012”

  1. Millie says:

    Don’t you mean March 5th or are you now going back in time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See what having no picture of tea does to you. Get back in the Tardis and come back to March 5th although it is actually March 6th in England!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Evelyn Walker says:

    Love the dog. so cute. look forward to the remainder of your travels. bring on more teas.

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