Day 40, Kaunas – Warsaw. February 18th 2012

Tea 40:  Green Tea, Ecolines Coach, LithuaniaPoland.

Today was a long arduous travel day.  I woke up fairly early and got myself packed up and ready to go.  I said goodbye to Lina, my host, who was going to visit her sister in the morning.  Then got myself a little breakfast and a cup of tea.  Anglis and me chatted for a while about work, study and travel and by then it was time to go.  We both walked to the bus station, but via this amazing lookout point from the top of the hill that Lina and Anglis live on.  It looks out across the sprawling railway tracks and across to Napoleon’s cap, another mound of land that it is said Napoleon viewed his advancing army from.  Down to the bus station and after getting a few bus snacks and chocolate I waited.  The bus arrived about 10 minutes late, luckily the weather has been getting warmer so it wasn’t too bad to sit there.  Getting on the bus anticipating it to be busy I was pleasantly surprised that it was actually mostly empty and quiet.  This, however was to be short-lived.

The next stop brought with it a group of lads, the type that enjoy the sound of their own voices, and the sounds of their tinny mobile-phone speakers playing terrible Lithuanian disco… This trauma lasted the rest of my journey to Warsaw.  I feel sorry for those who had to put up with that any longer.  The bus was traveling to Paris, I hope for the sanity of the other passengers, that they were not.

Arriving into Warsaw, about 35 minutes late, due to immense thick fog and a lorry carrying cars falling off of the road, quite literally.  The Zachodnia Bus Station is a little uninspiring, probably even more so at 9pm on a Saturday night.  I waited a while for my host, who was running a little late and managed to miss the bus stop, but it wasn’t too bad, my late arrival mixed with hers made it all ok.  We then hopped on another bus then a tram to get to her place.  A nice small apartment in a newish building to the South of the city centre.  Warm and comfortable, and a good selection of teas…

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