Day 21, Tallinn, January 30th 2012

Tea 21: Feel Good Tea, Ingrid’s Apartment, Tallinn.

So i’ve made it to Tallinn!  Safe and sound, though rather chilly, the weather is forecasting a lovely -22’C tonight…….

The boat trip was pretty easy, just turned up, got on, waited and got off again, then it was a short bus ride to the city centre and I managed to navigate myself to Ingrid’s flat.  I was greeted with some lovely Feel Good tea, which has basil, tarragon, apple and all sorts in it.  Very nice indeed, and make in a lovely glass teapot, which makes a big difference.  Also got treated to three Estonian classics, firstly Elk butter (aka pâté), on homemade bread, then a bit later on, after a quick shopping trip, another traditional dish of pork jelly (imagine the jelly bit from a pork pie, so, mostly that with bits of pork in it) though made from wild boar.  It was a little bit unattractive at first, but it actually tastes pretty nice.  It is served with strong mustard and vinegar.  On bread too.  Then the Pièce-de-résistance, dark chocolate with espresso filling, from Estonia‘s oldest chocolatier.  Lovely!  The company is called Kalev.  On the boat over I actually managed to sample their chocolate.  Well, I say sample, I mean buy a whole bar and eat it.  It was dark chocolate with Grapefruit and was really good.  I look forward to trying their other delights!  Stuff here is already noticeably cheaper than in Finland, transport and food, so hopefully I can make amends on the expensive-ness of the Scandinavian leg.

Tomorrow Ingrid has kindly taken the day off work to show me around a bit, I think we will go to see a gallery and a park and probably go for some tea or hot chocolate somewhere, I’ve already heard of some decent places!  Fingers crossed!

Sorry for short postings today, quite tired and it’s time for bed!

2 Comments on “Day 21, Tallinn, January 30th 2012”

  1. Nico says:

    Michael!! Your trip sounds great, do you have a planned route?

    Also, are you couchsurfing? Sounds like you are meeting some nice people.


    • hey nico! amazing to hear from you! where are you right now?? hows life and stuff? got a hot south american girlfriend yet?? yeah couch surfing as much as possible, adn no massively planned route, but down the east of europe to the balkans, then croatia. adn all that bit hopefully. will be in poland over the summer.

      great to hear from you!


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