Day 10, Stockholm, January 19th 2012

Tea 10: Power Te, Jessica and Tiffany’s apartment, Stockholm. (photo taken elsewhere)

My first belated post!  Sorry!  Yesterday and overnight was spent traveling or any of the other associated things, like waiting or sleeping or without internet.  So today’s post comes a little late, being as it is now tomorrow and today is yesterday.

Anyway, before I confuse myself any further, as I said, yesterday was a travel day.  I spent the morning packing, unpacking and repacking, losing things, finding things again and suchlike, so I don’t have great deal to say about Stockholm, other than I did take a quick visit to SKHLM, apparently Stockholm’s ‘capital of shopping’….. well, need I say more?  Apart from that that should be read with a degree of sarcasm in it’s tone.  This wasted about 30 minutes, including the time it took to walk there and back.  I ventured back to the flat and packed up again, had a quick bit of lunch and headed off on my way to the ferry port.  I took the T-banan to Ropsten and then three friendly assistants showed me where to get the bus to the terminal.  It was simple and easy, I arrived, paid for my ticket, waited about 45minutes, lost in the delights of Tallink Silja terminals number 1 attraction, the fish tank, and then boarded the boat, the ‘Silja Symphony’. A string quartet was setting up as I entered ‘The Promenade‘ deck.  After eventually figuring out which lift to take to get to my deck I found my cabin and dumped my stuff.

I did the usual wandering around to see what looked good on the boat.  Then headed outside as we began to leave the port.  And that was about that, I bought some iced tea (in a can) and some sweets and settled down.  The ship was pleasant enough, a Casino, a pub, a few restaurants and buffets, the usual really.  After a last minute emergency run to the shop before it closed for some chap-stick, I went to sleep, and woke up in Finland.

The tea that kept me going was the good old POWER TE!  I know I mentioned this days ago, but until now other teas have taken precedent, it is a very good tea though.  smooth and just the right amount of bitterness.  It also has liquorice pieces so it has that strange sweetness that hits the side of your tongue. It has also got Guarana and Gingko Biloba so it certainly does the job on those clouded headed mornings.  It is, actually, a brilliant tea.

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