Day 9, Stockholm, January 18th 2012

Tea 9: Not Tea, but Hot Chocolate!!!  Chokladkoppen, Gamla Stan, Stockholm.

Sorry for deviation from the tea topic but this is necessary and essential! Today, as I mentioned yesterday, was the chocolate plan of action, after scoping out Gamla Stan yesterday I returned to Stortorget to try out the chocolate cafe.  And I was not disappointed!  The chocolate was warm, rich, smooth and gloriously creamy.  It was, like yesterday’s tea, perfectly served, not too hot or cold, just right.  I also endulged in a Valrhona Chocolate Ball.  This was sticky, rich, and wonderfully sweet.  It was a great portion too, I was almost defeated, but I made it to the end.  It wasn’t cheap, nowhere in Stockholm is cheap, but it was most definitely worth it!  If you are visiting Stockholm, or if you live there and haven’t been, GO!

After my bout of pure gluttony, I wandered along the coastline around Gamla Stan, along Strandvägen, past all the beautiful old boats, some seeming to be house boats, and onto Djurgården. This little island has various museums and attractions, it is one of the greener parts of the city, basically one big park.  On it is the Nordiska Museet, the Aquarium, Gröna Lund (the theme park), Skansen (an open air museum and zoo), the Vasamuseet.  But I just went for a wander around the park areas.  The island is very beautiful, and was made more so by the first snowfall of the trip so far.  After I’d finished my wandering I headed up to Östermalm, the eastern borough of the city.  This end of town is pretty affluent, with a Ferrari and Maserati store, various commercial ‘art galleries’ and, the stalwart of any high-end district….. Laura Ashley!  I ended up inside a bookstore specialising in Theology, Zen and Buddhism, albeit briefly as the shop was actually closed for stocktake.  After a quick check with her husband the lady invited me in a chatted quietly to me so as not to disturb her husband about Theology and asked me about my trip.  I left the store after a short whistle-stop introduction to the notion of Theology and with a number of Theology magazine publications under my arm.

I made my way back into the city centre and onto the T-Bana home. Tonight we are having a traditional Swedish dinner of Meatballs, Potatoes, Lingonsylt and sauce.  My stomach is already looking forward to it!  Jess and Tiffany are really great hosts!

Dessert is more chocolate balls!

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