Day 2, Denmark, 11th January 2012

Tea 2: Green & White Tea with Mint, Tom’s Apartment.

Today was a big day of walking, tried to visit Den Hirschsprungske Samling, as it was advertised as being free on a Wednesday, however it wasn’t due to a ‘special exhibition’ being held, so instead I had a nice walk through the grounds of the Statens Museum for Kunst, and wandered to The Little Mermaid.  The famous sculpture is a massive draw for tourists, but luckily, due to it being winter it was nice and quiet, despite the beautiful weather.  After that I walked along the riverside, past the star shaped Kastellet (fortress / army barracks), taking in views of a battle ship, submarine and the amazing opera house.

Wandered through the streets and the Amalienborg Palaces, it still doesn’t feel as though I have really left the UK.  Soldiers wearing bearskin hats, McDonalds, Rolex, Burberry, the Olde English Pub (Tom’s place of work, a nice, extremely English joint, and he seems to work with some good guys who are all good fun, they certainly have welcomed me warmly).

After a late lunch I visited the Kunsthal Charlottenborg, which featured a show by Simon Starling who is currently living in Copenhagen. Managed to stumble into a talk with the artist and a guy who he has collaborated with from the Copenhagen Marionet Teatret for one piece.  Got a bit stuck in the whole anxiety of wanting to leave but feeling rude.  Overcame that eventually though.  There is also a show on by Danish artist Nina Beier, who works in Berlin, her first scandinavian show.

Tea this evening is a Green and White Tea mix, with Spearmint and Peppermint, in a bag.  The mint is delicate and comes in as more of an aroma and aftertaste.  The Green and White combination is pleasant but not particularly noticeable.  Induction hob totally figured out.

3 Comments on “Day 2, Denmark, 11th January 2012”

  1. Millie says:

    Glad the tea is featuring strongly! Have a large supply here…..that you left for me to babysit. Just sampled a Sleep easy!!!

  2. camillabehrens says:

    How come you’re in Denmark, and for how long?
    I’m from Roskilde, 30 minutes from Copenhagen but I’m now studying in Los Angeles.
    Denmark is amazing, enjoy 🙂

    • Hi, im just here until monday, then i’m going to stockholm for a few days. it’s been good so far, though don’t totally feel like i’ve left the UK as everyone’s english is so good! Are you enjoying LA?

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